Things I do in the Kitchen by Gabriel le Roux
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butter, herbs and beef
chocolate tart
favorite som tam
lamb, gnocchi, green curry mousse
mascarpone cheese cake
pandan leaf chicken
red velvet
seafood tasting
smoked salmon salads
sous vide salmon, soy sauce spaghetti
tomahawk steak
beetroot granite
lemon meringue
new arrival fruit platter
oyster duo
parmesan lamb
passion fruit seafood
poached beef and carrots
RAW food courgette flower
russian salad
sous vide salmon
tuna tartare
vanilla butter poached lobster
baros turndown 26 dec
bread display piece
bread display
chocolate and pear
cranberry salad
food demo kitchen
food demo kitchen
goji berry consomme
grilled salmon
petit dessert
poached and grilled chicken
RAW bitter leaf salad
RAW food amuse
RAW food appetizer
RAW food beetroot terrine
RAW food canape
RAW food carrot salad
RAW food ceviche
RAW food granola bar
RAW food pineapple
RAW food sardine & rice salad
tonight's bread selection
tonight's pre-dessert
tuna stroganov
VIP welcome amenity
xmas at baros
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